Strada-Sphere Radio is a podcast born out of the love for the music of the Chapman Stick. Hosted by Juan R Leon with later editions hosted by Shane Carey.  All episodes are now available on Spreaker . The shows are broken into 2 volumes. Additionally you may also click  The Archived Shows  for a complete list of podcast episodes. Almost all the episodes are here (Spanish editions also) save for two episodes which have been lost in cyber space somewhere. Listen to "Strada Sphere Radio Archives Vol 1" on Spreaker. Listen to "Strada Sphere Radio Archives Vol 2" on Spreaker.

SSR Interview with Irene Orleansky

I am proud to present our first SSR interview for 2006 with the extremely talented Irene Orleansky.A truly cosmopolitan artist (she is Russian born and lives in Isreal),Irene effortlessly blends world motifs,new age movements,and even manages to garner a hit in the Isreali Club Cicurt with her new CD "Live the Music". Irene takes a little of her precious time and sets it aside to answer a few questions. SSR: Thank you for taking time to answer some questions for me! You are my 1st interview for 2006 and I am honored and thrilled. You have been very busy since the release of "Live the Music" (which I love,by the way).Tell me about the impact that the album has had on your musical career.  Irene: Thank you, Juan! I’m glad you like my album! People like my album, and some even purchase it. It encourages me to go on with music. On the other hand, recording the album taught me a lot, and now I know what are the things I’d like to improve in the future. SSR The album

SSR Interview with Fergus Marsh

Canadian Stickist Fergus Jemison Marsh has had a long and brilliant career sharing stage and studio with some of the most prominent names in music..He has appeared on over 50 albums and has toured the world over.His tight,rhythmic Stick work can be heard on albums by contemporary Christian Music's late great Mark Heard, multi-Juno Award winner Bruce Cockburn, Alt Rockers Big Faith, brother Hugh Marsh,and Art Turner,to name but a few.He has also managed to squeeze in some jingle work.And now Fergus has released an album of world beat grooves with beautiful, spiritual themes.His signature Stick is in full bloom providing a rich tapestry upon which is built a magnificent experience of lush harmonies and meditative chants.Fergus was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule and answer a few questions for us.  SSR   You have had an illustrious career as a bassist and Stickist working with some of the top names in the music industry.Why did you wait so long to put out a solo al

SSR Interview with Terry Telson

We invite you to take a trip with us.A trip to a land filled with street corner folk musicians,Flower Power,peace rallies,long hair,Latin rhythms,world beats,and relaxing melodies. That's quite a mix. Then again,Terry Telson is quite an artist.With over 30 years of music coursing through his veins,Terry has been painting the aural landscape with his multi-instrument,multi-stylistic vigor.Pour yourself a cup of cyber green tea,light some incense, and let Stickist Terry Telson speak to your soul.... SSR   Thanks for spending a little time with us Terry. You've been playing music for over 30 years now. How did ya get started?  I originally started out as a drummer way back in the late 50's all the girls liked the drummers in the bands at that time and I liked girls, so drums it was.Then along came the 60's, protest songs on acoustic guitars. Peace rallies and long hair. Well I thought I had allot to say too and it's pretty hard being a solo act and singing protest

SSR Interview with Jim Kam

It's a pleasure (and a goal) of Strada-Sphere Radio to bring you interviews with up and coming Stickists from around the planet.Once and a while you come across an artist whose statements strike a chord like a clear church bell in the early mists of morn'.Jim Kam is one such artist.His debut Stick CD, "Jimmy Nobody", resounds with clarity and passion. Jim was gracious enough to grant me some time and offer up a window into his world.  SSR   Jim,tell us about your early years with the Stick.  I got my first Stick in around 1982. It was an Ironwood 10 string; Grands were not available in those days. I had read the original interview with Emmett in the mid 70s in Guitar Player magazine and was quite intrigued. It was not till I was on a road trip in California that I actually saw one being played. From that moment, I knew that I had to have one.  My friend and I were inLos Angelesat the time. I gave Emmett a call from a pay phone and went to see him early the next mo

SSR Interview with Wayne Leechford

This installment of the Strada-Sphere Interview features the multi-talented Wayne Leechford.A musician on saxophone,flute,bass guitar,guitar,clarinet,and Chapman Stick,Wayne has visited every corner of the musical realm.He has been involved with many commercial recordings including soundtracks (The Whole Nine Yards),live television,radio broadcasts.The list goes on and on.He even performed on saxaphone at the White House for President Bill Clinton.  Wayne records and performs with an impressive and diverse list of groups and organizations such as Ozone Quartet,Samecumba,Raleigh Saxophone Quartet,Wayne Leechford Trio,and the North Carolina Wind Orchestra,to name a few. And,believe it or not,he also finds time to teach sax,clarinet,bass, and Stick.Oh,and by the way,he is also a web designer and manages his own web design firm,Leechford Media.Talk about a Jack of all Trades!  Wayne was kind enough to take some time out of his obviously busy schedule to answer some questions for Strad

SSR Interview with Steve Adelson

Welcome to our SSR Interview with Stickist/guitarist Steve Adelson.Steve has been a Stickist since 1984,but his musical career started out as a guitarist.He has performed with legendary jazz guitarists Joe Pass,Jack Wilkins and Jimmy Ponder.He started his own music school in Brooklyn, N.Y., The Guitar Workshop,in 1977 and has made numerous recording,festival,seminar, and television appearances both as a guitarist and Stickist.He is a columnist and contributor for  20th Century Guitar  and has interviewed his share of guitar virtuosos such as Joe Satriani.Quite a busy man indeed! Steve's music is steeped in Jazz traditions and his use of MIDI with the Stick within these settings is brilliant.One listen to Steve's latest CD,"The Answer's Inside" will find you sitting in a smokey,New York club,sipping warm Cognac and enjoying some of the best jazz the industry has to offer.His passion for his art and mastery of the Stick is evident throughout as every note and ph