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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Another Stick podcast?

Hello folks!

Got a tip that another podcaster will be doing a special episode about the Stick.The all bass content podcast is called Bass Cast and you can find them on the web at Myspace.

New url for our old site!

We have a new url for our original site:

Strada-Sphere Radio

We have a new look with the same content which includes the original Strada-Stream.Please bear with us as we migrate all of our content (interviews,reviews,etc.) over to the new site.

The old address was too long and confusing to remember!
Of course you may still visit this blog and our Myspace site to get any up to date news and the latest episodes as well.


Shane and Juan

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #017 Myspace® Edition

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #017 for December 4, 2007

It's a Special Edition of the show as we bring you the Stickists of Myspace®!!! Join host Shane Carey of Nascent Music as he presents the best of Myspace's vast array of Stickists.

You can find all of our participating Stickists by visiting our very own Myspace page at the Official Strada-Sphere Radio Myspace® Page.You can listen to the show,sign our map,check out some Youtube Stick® videos,etc.And while you are there,please put in a freind request so you can leave comments about the show.

We hope you enjoy the show and as Greg Howard would most certainly say "Happy Tapping!"

Shane and Juan

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pod Show Test

Podshow PDN {podshow-0cedcf8a027c0985f762dce4c5384c1f}

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #016

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #016 for September 23, 2007

Welcome to show #016 of the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast once again hosted by Shane Carey of Nascent Music.This is a short but very sweet show with great music from...

Dave Wiens

Max DG (Massimo Del Genio)

Nima & Merge

Animal Time

Hope you enjoy the music and we hope to have another episode up in the near future.


Shane and Juan

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fransesco Puddu:Winner of our theme song contest!


As you may all know by now,Fransesco Puddu won the Strada-Sphere Radio Theme Song Contest.Well,here he is with his prizes,a hat and Steve Adelson's latest CD.Fransesco's tune will be featured for the next 12 installments of the podcast (roughly one year).

Way to go Fransesco and congrats!

Shane and Juan

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #015

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #015 for April 22, 2007

OK folks! The results are in! Check out the latest episode and find out who won the theme song contest!
Shane has put together yet another fabulous show with great music from...

Guy Mauffait

Tom Prasada Rao (feat. Fergus Marsh)

Armin Düpmeier

Jeff Pearce

Japhlet Bire Attias


We hope you enjoy the show!!!

Shane and Juan

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New show by the end of the month...

Hello listeners!

There will be a new episode of Strada-Sphere Radio (show # 015) and it will be hosted by Shane Carey once again.Shane will have some new and exciting Stick music for everyone and the winning entry of the theme song contest will open up the show!
So,please extend us a little more patience,you won't be dissapointed!

Keep tappin',

Juan and Shane

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #014

Strada-Sphere Radio #014 for Febuary,2007.The Contest Show!

Here it is! The
Shane Carey
produced and hosted installment of the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast.
I would like to take this oppurtunity to extend my deepest gratitude to Shane for his wonderful job with the show.What a great community of Stickists and Stick fans we are a part of!

So,listen and enjoy the show.Pay particular attention to the Theme Song entries that Shane plays for you as we are asking you to vote for your favorites!You will find a link to the voting below in the show notes.

Once again,thanx for your patience and both Shane and I hope you enjoy the show!

Blue Universe


Jeff Pearce

John Edmonds

Theme Song Contest Voting Poll

Your Silver-Tongued Host

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Theme Song Voters Poll

Hello everyone,

Shane is working on the next episode of the show.He has all of the contest entries and will be playing some new music as well.After you check out the show and hear the contest entries,head on over to and cast your votes.
Here is the link to the contest voter poll:

Strada-Sphere Radio Theme Song Voter Poll

Vote as often as you like! And yes,Japhlett did submit more than one tune so that is not a typo.
So,the contest entry deadline has now been reached.Good luck to all of the participants!

Juan and Shane

Sunday, January 28, 2007


My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-9583eba372eb0571fd49cdb9eaec4679}

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shane Carey to host next show/Contest thread at Forums

Alright folks!
I am proud to announce that Shane Carey will be producing and hosting the next episode of the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast! I will be sending along the contest files to Shane in the next week or so and he will be producing the show for a Febuary release.

I have created a thread for the contest at
and will soon be adding a poll where you will be able to cast your votes for the theme song contest winner.

Here is the thread post:

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast Theme Song Contest Forum Thread

The contest episode will post in the 1st half of Febuary featuring all contest entries.Listen to the show then head on over to the thread to cast your vote.The poll will be open until the night before the announcement show is ready for download.We will open the show with the winning entry.Not even the winner will know the results of the contest untill the show!
Will I host the announcment show or will Shane? How about both of us? Well, we will have to wait and see.Hopefully I will have my new Mac by then and we could do a "Scype" show.
That's all for now.Thanx for stopping by and please visit to forum and leave any comments!

Take care!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Guest host?

Hello folks!

I wanted to share this e-mail with you all....

Hi Juan,

Sorry to hear about your Mac difficulties. I don't know how practical
it would be, with the contest going on and all that, but the offer still
stands to guest-host, or anything else I can do to help keep the
momentum going.

That was sent to me by Shane Carey,podcast host for the Nascent Music Podcast.

We are working out the details....

Stay tuned!


Friday, January 19, 2007

Podcast Delay

Due to technical difficulties (a dead Mac,to be exact!) the next Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast episode and the theme song contest winner announcement is on hold.My power Mac G4 needs an $800.00 logic board and I do not have that kind of cash at the moment.However,I weill be purchasing a new Mac instead of trying to fix my current tower.

So,what should I do about the contest? Should I go ahead and accept more song entries beyond the original Jan 31st deadline and do a "Welcome Back Mega Podcast Showcasing Every Theme Song Contest Entry I Recieve Untill I Get A New Mac Special Edition Of The Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast" and ask for your votes to pick a winner? Or,should I just stick to the original deadline of Jan 31st and cut off the contest then and call it done?Please let me know by posting comments at the Strada-Sphere Radio Myspace page or here on this blog.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

By the way,the next podcast will be an "enhanced podcast". Those of you who subscribe via the latest version of i-Tunes will be able to experience this version of the show.The "enhanced" version is sort of like watching a Flash movie as I will be adding "chapters" to the podcast which will contain pics,links,and additional extras accessible via i-Tunes.These "chapters" will correspond to the show's content and will add a unique twist to the podcast.You can experience the "enhanced" show in i-Tunes or on your i-Pod.Those of you not using i-Tunes will still be able to experinece the audio content.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Another show...

Hello Stickists!

Hope you all had a gread Christmas and that Santa Emmett left you all a brand new Stick!
I have been getting a few more submissions for the contest so I will do at least one more show before a winner is announced.I plan on doing it in the next week or two.In ight of this,I would like to set the deadline for submissions as the 31st of January,2007. I will announce a winner in the Febuary show so forget what I said in the last show (# 13)! You still have time to submit a 15-30 second tune.
Hit the woodshed and good luck!
And have a Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas and more...

Hello loyal listeners!

1st of all let me start off by wishing you a Merry Christmas!
2nd, I have created a LastFM a page for myself.For those of you who may not have heard of LastFM,it is an online community which allows other people in your "neighborhood" to see what you listen to via updated charts that report your listening habits.Other folks then listen to your picks,recommend music,artists,and so on.As you may have already guessed,there is a lot of Stick music on my charts!In fact,I have been listening to my i-Pod's "Stickists" play list pretty much all day and reporting it to Last FM via my media player (in this case,Amarok running on Linux).I encourage you to sign up and tune in!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio #013

Strada-Sphere Radio #013 for December,2006

I know that I promised a Spanish show for the next episode.The thing is,well,I recorded the whole show,edited it,and then realised that I recorded it in English! But it's a great show I had already put in a good mornings work towards producing it.I will record another Spanish show,lo prometo!


Here it is,the last show of 2006! And what a show we have to end the year with.Sure,it may only be a 1/2 hour or so,but where else can you hear NEW music from the upcoming
Steve Adelson
CD,"Stickology"? Steve sent me an advance copy and let me tell ya,it is a phenomenal offering.I play 2 tunes from this great album for you.Merry Christmas!

Also, featuring music form


David Gelder

Shane Carey

Pascal Glanville

Plus I play 2 submissions for the Intro Theme Song Contest

Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Steve Adelson music!

Hello fellow Stickists,loyal listeners,and 1st time visitors!

I just recieved an advanced promo copy of
Steve Adelson's new CD, "Stickology" .Man,you guys are in for a treat!
Steve has graciously sent me this promo for the show and I will be playing some cuts on the next couple of episodes of Strada-Sphere Radio (Spanish and English). As you may or may not know (shame on ya if ya don't!),Steve has also pledged a finished production copy of the CD as part of the prize package I will be giving out to the winner of the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast Theme Song Contest (Manny Tau of has pledged a hat).Once ya hear what's on this disc,I am sure you will all be as excited as I am about Steve's new release.
This CD simply flat out jams!
So,stay tuned,relax,enjoy the Holidays,and be patient,new shows are on the way....

Monday, December 04, 2006

Thanx for the hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to share some stats for the show.
I was browseing my stats page for the podcast and came across this....

Live Feed Hits As of Mon,Dec. 4th,2006 12:15 PM

(We're live and on the scene!)
  • 25 hits in the last 4 and a half hours

    Hmmm,if this is the average,damn,that's a lot.....
    One can only dream!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Hello Stickists,listeners,and curious folk from all planets...

First of all,a Happy Holiday season to all.I hope that the season finds everyone in good health and high spirits.
As you can imagine,the holidays can be very busy for all of us.I am no exception!So,the next episode may not be up untill....? I have been recieveing entries for the theme song and will continue to accept them (see last post).I still plan on announcing a winner by Jan/Feb of 2007. Manny from has offered a Stickist logo cap and Steve Adelson has offered his forthcoming CD as well. I'll see if I can rustle up some other goodies as well.
So,the next show may be a while so please sit tight.In the meantime,take time to call an old friend,visit a loney soul in a nursing home,help feed the homeless at a local shelter for the holidays,make amends with those who have hurt you (or whom you have hurt).And in the words of Bill and Ted's mentor and super cool future dude Rufus:

"Be Excellent to each other!"

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Intro Song Contest!!!

Alright folks,seems to be some interest for the theme song contest I have been kicking around and mentioned in the last post.So,let's do it!
So far,Manny Tau,super web guru at,has already said he would donate a hat to the Prize Wagon.So,we have that and hopefully more folks will get on board.

Here are the rules...

1. Must be at least 15 seconds but no more than 30 seconds in leangth.

2. Must be Stick based (duh!) and can either be intrumental or vocal,solo or ensemble.

3. Must be your own original work.

4. Must be in MP3 format

5. Only 1 submission per Stickist,please. <------Scratch that!The more the merrier!

6. Must be submitted by December 31st,2006 to:

I will play all submissions on the 1 year anniversary show in Feb of 2007 where I will announce the winner. I am thinking about asking those folks who have donated prizes to help in picking the winner.

The winner will recieve (this list may grow!):

A hat donated by Manny Tau of

Steve Adelson e-mailed me and told me that he would send me his next CD that should be done by the end of November.So that will probably end up in the prize wagon.

Your song played as the intro for a years worth of the Strada-Sphere Radio podcast (from Feb 2007-Feb 2008).

Recognition and pride for serving the Stickist community and spreading the word about the Chapman Stick!

So,what do ya think? I am open to suggestions.Please post comments here or e-mail them to

Thanx and good luck!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Next Spanish Podcast?

OK folks,I have been a mighty slacker in the Spanish version of SSR,so the next show will be in Spanish!

Stickistas! El sigiente episodio de Strada-Sphere Radio estara en Espanol!
Gracias por su apoyo!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #012

Strada-Sphere Radio #012 for October,2006

Hello all!

This overdue episode (originally slated for a Sept.release) of the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast features great Stick music from the following artists:

Music Word Art

Stick Duo featuring Matt Rogers and Mark White

Electric Spy a.k.a Zak Winnik

Super Gods featuring James Mobius

Digital Kettle featuring David Gelder

Emmett Chapman

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Music Word Art album to be released soon...

Some of you may have heard me mention a project called Music Word Art that I am involved in.MWA is a multi media project which releases "Art Packs".Fusing sound,sight,and literature,MWA makes these art packs available as free downloads from our site.Here is an excerpt form the sites "News" page.

MusicWordArt is working on a brand new multimedia material titled " MOUTHLESS RIVER". It will contain ten art packs (each art pack made with use of mp3 file, photo artwork and a poem), also a short novel and a series of photos to adorn the novel. It will be released in autumn on this web site as well as on some other web pages, as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Also, it will be printed as a limited CD/DVD ROM for our faimlies, friends and promoters.

The line up working on this material is:

Gosia Sobanska (lyrics, photos, compositions)
Marta Zbieron (photos)
Marco Rodi (bass guitar)
Marcin Mierkiewicz (photos)
Mateusz Rozwadowski (guitars)
Juan R. Leon (Chapman Stick, basses and flutes, compositions)
Radek Kordasiewicz (novel, lyrics, photos, drums, guitars, loops, compositions).

Stay tuned for the updates on the new material!

I will be debuting one of the tunes that I worked on in an upcoming podcast so stay tuned.In the meantime,click the graphic above to learn more about our music,art,and literature.

Thanx and keep an ear open for episode #012 slated for a late Sept. release!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #011

Strada-Sphere Radio #011 for August 26,2006. "It's About Time!!!"

It is so unbelievably un-cool as to how late this show is! Nonetheless, here it is!
After messing about with re-editing the Garageband file and finally getting it to export into i-Tunes I was able to get the show uploaded.Thank you everyone for your patience and dedication to the show.
Se here it is without further haste....

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #011 for August 2006 featuring music by

David Parr

Toshiaki Kanamaru

Willard Marcel Trio

Irene Orleansky

Nima & Merge

Pan Metropolitan Trio

Sylvain Roman

Derrek Dallenger

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Where are the shows?

Hello listeners!

I must apologize for the long overdue podcast episodes.I have been having some problems with my audio gear for recording the show.I am having a heck of a time exporting the show as an mp3 from Garageband into i-Tunes.This is usually a very simple process but for some reasons the gremlins must really have it out for me this time!There is a 1 hour show in the can and it awaits it's transition to the proper format.I actually recorded it the week of 08/04/06!I may need to re-record the show but I hope it does not come to that.In addition to this,I am slowly making the move over to Linux.

So please accept my apology! I hate that this is happening as I really love doing the show.
Thanx for your patience,loyalty,and for hanging in there!


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #010.The 10/12th Show!!!

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #010

Yeah,I know I say the show is for July 2006 even though I posted it in June,but...

Strada-Sphere Radio has made it to it's 10th English Podcast! 12th total including the Spanish shows! Therefore....

It's the 10/12th Show Anniversary!

I just want to thank all of you for your support and input.I really enjoy doing the show and value your opinions.

To all of the Stickists, their bands,labels,projects,and sites.I can't say a big enough "thank you". Your contributions to the podcast have been kind and generous.Without you,there would be no show!

Manny Tau,thank you for helping me out when I first got the Strada-Sphere Radio site going and for being my 1st interview.I have enjoyed the relationship with the Stickist community and with you in particular.

Don Schiff,thank you for the advice on recording.I also want to thank you for one of the funniest and insightful interviews that I have had a pleasure of doing (and the "phone in").Get down to Orlando and we'll paint the town caffeine...

Irene Orleansky,you have become a great friend of the show! I am grateful for the wonderful music and interview.I appreciate the support that you have given the show and myself.

To the folks at and the Stickist community that thrives there. You provided the imputes in the form of a "Stick Stream" that would inspire me to take the site content to the next level.

Zak Winnik and Shane Carey. I enjoy your shows so much! Our little friendly competition can only fuel us into bringing our listeners the best in Stick podcasting!

The listeners! Your support and emails make the task of researching,producing,mixing,mastering,uploading,compiling,code writing,etc., all worth it!

And of course Emmett and Yuta Chapman. You both have been so ultra supportive of what I do.Your advice on the show,my own musical endeavors,Stick maintenance,and Emmett's quirky and insightful e-mails make me glad that I decided to pick up this wonderful instrument.It's more than a technique,I have gained many a friend.

Now,download the shows!

Music by....

Circle of Dust

Warren Cucurullo

Nick Beggs

Stream of Consciousness w/Steve Lamphear

Derek Dallenger

Diego Souto

Don Schiff

Diego Blanco

Guillermo Cides

Plus I play the Stick solo segment of "Tibeten Side of Town" from
Bruce Cockburn's
album "Live" featuring
Fergus Marsh

Monday, June 05, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #008.5 "The Gig Show"

Strada-Sphere Radio #008.5 for June 05,2006. "The Gig Show".

Thoughts on Performing...

Hello folks!This is not a typical Strada-Sphere Radio show.I just wanted to express my thoughts and feelings concerning my recent solo Stick performance debut this past June 1st.

Here are some of the topics I discuss:

Some points that Emmett brought up concerning live performance in an e-mail correspondence.

The gear that I used.

A letter from a listener and participator of Strada-Sphere Radio.

The music in the background is entitled "Yoeme". It is the very 1st piece I recorded on the Stick about a month after I got it back in 2002.Very minimal and extremely experimental!

This past performance had a very positive impact on me,almost "spiritual" without trying to be too corny.It is for this reason that I felt compelled to share this with the Stick community.Your support of this podcast is the sword drawn from the stone,powerful and inspiring.I need to sharpen and care for it as it is now a community shaped show.I am not the only participant!

A very heartfelt "Thank you" to Emmett for his words of encouragement concerning the gig and this podcast.


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #008

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast for June 2006.

The June Show! That's Hurricane Season for us folks on the East Coast.Let's hope and pray that the elements will spare us any tragedies.

Good show for you all! We have music by....

Trey Gunn

Maurecio Manchon

Greg Howard

Japhlet Bire Attias

James Mobius/M3

Art Durkee

Tony Novak/Analog Missionary

Juan Serna

Monday, May 15, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio en Español #002

Strada-Sphere Radio en Español #002 para Mayo 15,2006

Hola y saludos desde Florida! El segundo program de la edeción en Español ya llego y es tiempo,no?

En este programa escucharan musica de:

Emmett Chapman
Guillermo Cides


Peter James
Dan Panasenko
en Stick
Angels and Aeroplanes

Derek Dallinger

The Rice Field

Maurecio Sotelo y Hugo Santos

Stick Duo

Morgan D. Phelps


Super Gods con James Mobius en Stick

The Robot's Dead

Bernardo Dominguez


Monday, May 08, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #007

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #007 for May 2006

Show #007 is finally up! And it is long overdue,too be sure.Been way busy as of late as I have a few projects going on.One of which is a new endeavor which I hope will take off.I have started to craft Native American Flutes.You can see some pics and read about my progress at Ollin Flutes.
There is a glitch at about 29:05 into the show.A unfortunate inclusion due to my not proofing the show as I usually do.The cut off word was "Brazil". What I had said was that Andreas Guenther is from Brasil.My appologies to Mr. Guenther and our fellow Brasilianos who have tuned in.
Enjoy the show!

Emmett Chapman

Derek Dallenger
Eagle Day

Genre Peak/Dan Panasenko on Stick
Ends of the Earth

Nima & Merge
Road to Hana

Irene Orleansky
Deep Within Your Soul

Read the Strada-Sphere Radio interview with Irene and a review of her CD "Live the Music" here.

Andreas Guenther

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm baaaack.....

Hello folks!Been on a lil' sabbatical and I will be posting a new show in May.Actually,more than likely a couple of shows.Got some new music in.Also,I have started an interview with Irene Orleansky for the Strada-Sphere Radio site,as soon as I get that completed I will announce it on the show and here.
So,stay tuned.....

Monday, March 27, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #006

It's the April Fools Edition of the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast!!!

Yeah I know,it's not even April yet but I will be on vacation for about 3 weeks so the show's a bit early.Hey,it's an April Fools Show anyways so why be surprised,right? I hope you enjoy the show and have a laugh or two.Not much talkin' (show marker only) as I was feelin' a bit under the weather so I let the voices of "others" segue the show for me.
Since my voice is limited to the intro for the show,please forgive the absence of a proper introduction to each song and it's performer.That's what show notes are for,right?Please visit all of our guests sites and give them a shout!Here is the list for the show...

Darrell "Funky D" Harvard
and T-Bone Pruitt "Darlin'I Love You"

Randy Pytel
"The Fourth Plague" <---- Had to edit this down a bit.Please visit Randy's site for the complete file!

Irene Orleansky
"The Child of Music"

Rick Cucuzza
"Chief Joseph"

Diego Souto
"Rosa do meu jardim"

"Saturday Matinee"

X Ray Simon
"Spaghetti Strings

"El Amor Es Eterno" <---I had to edit this down a bit as well.Just visit my site for the full tune.

By the way,the views expressed by my "co-hosts" in no way reflect the opinions of this show or it's participants.Except maybe for the espresso comment at the end.Let's all have some caffeine!!!!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Monday, March 13, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio en Español!

Presentando Strada-Sphere Radio en Español!!!

Aqui esta,como lo promesi,el primer programa en Español.Es un programa corto,solamente para entrodusir el show y la meta de Strada-Sphere Radio en Español.Los podcasts normalmente seran de duration de 30-45 minutos.
Disfrute y mandame e-mail a:

stradasphereradio @ (sin espacios)



Strada-Sphere Radio en Español para Marzo, 2006

Con musica de...

Sebastian Woscoboinik

Jim Kam


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #002

Listen to the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #002

On this show you will hear

Solo Alto Stick by
Mark Mennigmann

Lush and lean textures from Stick soloist
Jason Sturges

Heavy and hard prog from
with Stickist Morgan Phelps

Eclectic instrumentations by
Ozone Quartet
with Wayne Leechford on Stick

Strange and wonderful music by
with Kent Rytting on Stick

French Stick master
Sylvain Dollett

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Artists

I have been getting back some great response from Stickists from all corners of the globe.Here is a list of some of the artists that have appeared/will appear on the show.This list will continue to grow so check back often as I add Stickists and their bands...

Emmett Chapman
Steve Adelson
Derek Dallenger
James Möbius/M3/Supergods
Tony Novak/Analog Missionary
Don Schiff
Guillermo Cides
Maurecio Manchon
Art Durkee
Fabio Katz
Jim Kam
Pete Francz
Darrel "Funky D" Harvard
Greg Howard
Kevin Keith
Ron Baggerman
Irene Orleansky
Wayne Leechford/Ozone Quartet
Morgan Phelps/Co-Conspirator
Diego Souto
Rick Cucuzza
Michael Kollwitz
Linda Cushma
Nima Rezai/Merge
Chris Crain
Sebastian Woscoboinik
X-Ray Simon
Perry Thomson
Sylvain Dollet
Kent Rytting/Zentherstick
Randy Pytel
Jason Sturges
Jeff Hodges
Juan Serna
Mark Mennigmann
Massimo del Genio
Shane Carey
MusicWordArt (?)
Me! (Juan R. Leon)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #001 - The Debut!

The Debut Show (SSRPodcast001) is up and ready! Click on the text link below to listen now or you can also subscribe using the orange "chiclet" icon to the right to add the show to your subscription list.If you are using i-Tunes (like me),you can have the podcast added to your podcast directory in i-Tunes.i-Tunes will download the show for you and off ya go!Of course,you can pick from other subscriber options as well,just "Click the Chick".

Listen to the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast Debut

With music from

Master Stickist and guitarist
Steve Adelson

Texas based Stickist
Jim Kam

N/S Stickist,Grand Stickist, and bassist Don Schiff

From Europe we have Stickist,percussionist,guitarist,producer
X-Ray Simon

South American Stickist
Diego Souto
with his unique style

Florida power fusion trio

And we are also working on getting an interview for a future show with Don Schiff.We just need to nail down a date and time.I will keep you posted.

Remember, please send us your suggestions,comments,questions,MP3s!

Hope you enjoy the debut show and bear with me as I refine,retune,and rewrite the show in hopes of making it flow and sound better.
Juan R Leon

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Music Submissions

If you would like to have your music played on the SSR Podcasts please e-mail us the following information

In the subject line please print "SSR Submission"

In the body please include:



URL (if any)

Song(s) you would like to have played and where we can download them OR send an MP3.The music does not have to feature the Stick as a solo instrument,but it does have to be present in the mix.

Your personal statement allowing me to use your material for our podcast and nothing more.This is very important!You must include all of the above info if you want your music played.

I will not profit from this podcast. It is presented as an entertainment and informational show to further advance and promote the Chapman Stick,Stick music, and Stickists.

As soon as we get enough material for at least a 45 min show,I will put the material together,find an RSS server, and post it! the whole world will hear your mastery of the Stick,babes will come a knockin',the $$$ will rain on you like a tsunami, and we can all retire in the Bahamas (O.K, maybe not but people will hear you...)
Let me know and spread the world. It will take time to get this going but I believe that with your help it will be well worth the effort.

Juan R Leon