Saturday, October 14, 2017


So here it is..all the interviews,the reviews,the rants,and of course the podcast episodes!
 Strada-Sphere Radio is a podcast born out of the love for the music of the Chapman Stick. Hosted by Juan R Leon with later editions hosted by Shane Carey, the podcast showcased music from around the globe in a variety of genres.
 Now bear with us as the site is a bit out of chronological order concerning the original publishing dates for the interviews..but what the hey..they are all here! Scroll down or use the side navigation bar to find specific interviews,reviews and individual shows with their respective links and show notes. You may also click The Archived Shows for a complete list of podcast episodes with their own player (no show notes) in reverse chronological order. Almost all the episodes are here (Spanish editions also) save for two episodes which have been lost in cyber space somewhere.

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