Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Music Word Art album to be released soon...

Some of you may have heard me mention a project called Music Word Art that I am involved in.MWA is a multi media project which releases "Art Packs".Fusing sound,sight,and literature,MWA makes these art packs available as free downloads from our site.Here is an excerpt form the sites "News" page.

MusicWordArt is working on a brand new multimedia material titled " MOUTHLESS RIVER". It will contain ten art packs (each art pack made with use of mp3 file, photo artwork and a poem), also a short novel and a series of photos to adorn the novel. It will be released in autumn on this web site as well as on some other web pages, as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Also, it will be printed as a limited CD/DVD ROM for our faimlies, friends and promoters.

The line up working on this material is:

Gosia Sobanska (lyrics, photos, compositions)
Marta Zbieron (photos)
Marco Rodi (bass guitar)
Marcin Mierkiewicz (photos)
Mateusz Rozwadowski (guitars)
Juan R. Leon (Chapman Stick, basses and flutes, compositions)
Radek Kordasiewicz (novel, lyrics, photos, drums, guitars, loops, compositions).

Stay tuned for the updates on the new material!

I will be debuting one of the tunes that I worked on in an upcoming podcast so stay tuned.In the meantime,click the graphic above to learn more about our music,art,and literature.

Thanx and keep an ear open for episode #012 slated for a late Sept. release!


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