Saturday, October 21, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Intro Song Contest!!!

Alright folks,seems to be some interest for the theme song contest I have been kicking around and mentioned in the last post.So,let's do it!
So far,Manny Tau,super web guru at,has already said he would donate a hat to the Prize Wagon.So,we have that and hopefully more folks will get on board.

Here are the rules...

1. Must be at least 15 seconds but no more than 30 seconds in leangth.

2. Must be Stick based (duh!) and can either be intrumental or vocal,solo or ensemble.

3. Must be your own original work.

4. Must be in MP3 format

5. Only 1 submission per Stickist,please. <------Scratch that!The more the merrier!

6. Must be submitted by December 31st,2006 to:

I will play all submissions on the 1 year anniversary show in Feb of 2007 where I will announce the winner. I am thinking about asking those folks who have donated prizes to help in picking the winner.

The winner will recieve (this list may grow!):

A hat donated by Manny Tau of

Steve Adelson e-mailed me and told me that he would send me his next CD that should be done by the end of November.So that will probably end up in the prize wagon.

Your song played as the intro for a years worth of the Strada-Sphere Radio podcast (from Feb 2007-Feb 2008).

Recognition and pride for serving the Stickist community and spreading the word about the Chapman Stick!

So,what do ya think? I am open to suggestions.Please post comments here or e-mail them to

Thanx and good luck!


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