Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Hello Stickists,listeners,and curious folk from all planets...

First of all,a Happy Holiday season to all.I hope that the season finds everyone in good health and high spirits.
As you can imagine,the holidays can be very busy for all of us.I am no exception!So,the next episode may not be up untill....? I have been recieveing entries for the theme song and will continue to accept them (see last post).I still plan on announcing a winner by Jan/Feb of 2007. Manny from has offered a Stickist logo cap and Steve Adelson has offered his forthcoming CD as well. I'll see if I can rustle up some other goodies as well.
So,the next show may be a while so please sit tight.In the meantime,take time to call an old friend,visit a loney soul in a nursing home,help feed the homeless at a local shelter for the holidays,make amends with those who have hurt you (or whom you have hurt).And in the words of Bill and Ted's mentor and super cool future dude Rufus:

"Be Excellent to each other!"

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cybercasey said...

Oh yes the holidat times for all...i just love this time of the's filled with fun and all the goodies...good friends for company eating and hanging out...great times are ahead...and hey also visit my Holiday Blog sometime and share some of the holiday fun and cheer!!!!