Saturday, August 26, 2006

Strada-Sphere Radio Show #011

Strada-Sphere Radio #011 for August 26,2006. "It's About Time!!!"

It is so unbelievably un-cool as to how late this show is! Nonetheless, here it is!
After messing about with re-editing the Garageband file and finally getting it to export into i-Tunes I was able to get the show uploaded.Thank you everyone for your patience and dedication to the show.
Se here it is without further haste....

Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast #011 for August 2006 featuring music by

David Parr

Toshiaki Kanamaru

Willard Marcel Trio

Irene Orleansky

Nima & Merge

Pan Metropolitan Trio

Sylvain Roman

Derrek Dallenger


Zak Winnick said...

It's ok, Juan...I'm still working on the StickWorld Podcast show that I want to do in the interim...I haven't even recorded it yet!

Strada Sphere Radio said...

Seems that the Stick-casts of late have been plagued by gremlins.Maybe those crafty devils at Megatar have been working overtime.......