Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Steve Adelson music!

Hello fellow Stickists,loyal listeners,and 1st time visitors!

I just recieved an advanced promo copy of
Steve Adelson's new CD, "Stickology" .Man,you guys are in for a treat!
Steve has graciously sent me this promo for the show and I will be playing some cuts on the next couple of episodes of Strada-Sphere Radio (Spanish and English). As you may or may not know (shame on ya if ya don't!),Steve has also pledged a finished production copy of the CD as part of the prize package I will be giving out to the winner of the Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast Theme Song Contest (Manny Tau of has pledged a hat).Once ya hear what's on this disc,I am sure you will all be as excited as I am about Steve's new release.
This CD simply flat out jams!
So,stay tuned,relax,enjoy the Holidays,and be patient,new shows are on the way....

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