Friday, January 19, 2007

Podcast Delay

Due to technical difficulties (a dead Mac,to be exact!) the next Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast episode and the theme song contest winner announcement is on hold.My power Mac G4 needs an $800.00 logic board and I do not have that kind of cash at the moment.However,I weill be purchasing a new Mac instead of trying to fix my current tower.

So,what should I do about the contest? Should I go ahead and accept more song entries beyond the original Jan 31st deadline and do a "Welcome Back Mega Podcast Showcasing Every Theme Song Contest Entry I Recieve Untill I Get A New Mac Special Edition Of The Strada-Sphere Radio Podcast" and ask for your votes to pick a winner? Or,should I just stick to the original deadline of Jan 31st and cut off the contest then and call it done?Please let me know by posting comments at the Strada-Sphere Radio Myspace page or here on this blog.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

By the way,the next podcast will be an "enhanced podcast". Those of you who subscribe via the latest version of i-Tunes will be able to experience this version of the show.The "enhanced" version is sort of like watching a Flash movie as I will be adding "chapters" to the podcast which will contain pics,links,and additional extras accessible via i-Tunes.These "chapters" will correspond to the show's content and will add a unique twist to the podcast.You can experience the "enhanced" show in i-Tunes or on your i-Pod.Those of you not using i-Tunes will still be able to experinece the audio content.


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